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E.mail Orders

The old school, new school ordering method

The old school, new school ordering method

  • How to order by e.mail

    Order e.mails should be sent to

    Using our order form isn't compulsory, but it'll make both of our lives easier, if you do.

  • What sorts of files can you e.mail us

    Acceptable filetypes include: *.bmp, *.jpg, *.gif, *.pdf, *.png and *.tiffWe'd prefer you to send us *.jpg or *.png files, but you can, if you'd rather, send us just almost any common image file format.

    We'd recommend that you don't send us bitmap images (*.bmp files) or use other inefficient file formats, just because, they'll take longer for you to upload.

    If you like, you can send us your image files wrapped in archive, to save bandwidth. However, we will/can only in process archives in *.zip or *.7z file formats.

  • What sorts of files can't you e.mail us

    Unacceptable filetypes include *.doc, *.exe, *.iso, *.php, *.rar, *.tgzWe cannot accept

    • any form of executable file, e.g. *.exe files or
    • files that potentially contain executable code, e.g. self-extracting archive files or
    • files which contain embedded images, e.g. *.doc, *.docx etc
    • very large files, i.e. files > 10mb.

    This is for our and your security.

  • What happens if you (try to) e.mail us the wrong sort of file

    Your e.mail won't be actioned or acknowledged.

    Sending or trying to send us the wrong sort of file by e.mail, could be an innocent mistake or it could be an attempt to do something naughty. Neither we, nor our ISP, can know which.

    So, like most sensible organisations, we take steps to ensure that incoming files, even ones which are in an acceptable format, are safe for us to use.

  • E.mail has limitations

    Everyone that uses e.mail should be aware of its limitations.

    Generally, data handled by e.mail is not secure or guaranteed, as it may be intercepted and altered between sender and receipient.

    Furthermore, there are, often, practical limitations imposed on e.mail by software or service providers. 

    This is why our order form only has space for 10 different files to be included on it. You can, of course, order as many prints as you like[1], but you should not send e.mails with a very large number of attachments (and you may find that your service provider or e.mail software prevents this).

    If you need to e.mail your order and you have more than 10 files to send us, you will need to place separate orders.

  • Collection

    Orders placed by e.mail must be collected from the shop.

    E.mail orders are treated as “next day” orders i.e. normally, they will be available for collection on the next working day after 2pm. However, due the to the vagueries of the internet, service times for e.mail cannot be guaranteed.

    Some of the time, it will be possible for us to deal with e.mail orders, much quicker than this; but you’ll need to contact the shop to see whether this possible for your order.

  • Phone Us

    If you have any questions about an e.mail order, if you want to double check that we have received your order or if you are making a special journey into town to collect you photos, please:

    Call us on (01442) 873069 before coming to collect them.