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Photo Kiosks

Putting the self into selfies

Putting the self into selfies

  • Shiny and fast

    We have 4 self-service, photo kiosks in the shop.

    We think kiosks are good for customers, because they give you choice and control.

    That’s why we have them.

    The current ones are our 3rd Generation of kiosks… so they’re nice and shiny and fast… and whilst they’re simple to use, you can do loads of things with them, if you want.

    You get to choose exactly which images you print, at what size and in what style. You can do your own cropping, correct red-eye errors, correct colour casts, correct brightness and contrast. You can print 1 or 1000 copies of an image. You can create funky photo gifts.

  • Available

    There’s usually one free, even at the weekend, so you shouldn't have to wait to use one. You can take as long as you like to place your order and there’s always someone around to have a chat with, if you need some help.

  • Private

    3 of our kiosks have privacy screens and they are located at the rear of the shop in a cul-de-sac… so, with us, you don't need to worry about other people gawping at your bikini pictures while your choosing the best ones[1].

  • Easy to use

    They’re no harder to use than, say, a microwave or a petrol pump. It's all big button touchscreen, point and click stuff.

    We can walk you through it, if you like. Once you see how easy it is, you’ll know what we mean.