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Images to Disk

Sometimes, it's good to have a Plan B.

Sometimes, it's good to have a Plan B.

  • Plan A:

    Imagine your computer, phone and camera all just got simultaneously squashed in some horribly unlikely, but nonetheless devastating, steamroller related incident. All your lovely gagdets reduced to pulverised fragments of irrepairable metal and plastic, so tangled and destroyed, that even Will Smith couldn’t put them back together again.

    No problem, all your pictures are backed up. Every byte of them. Right?


    Maybe, you’d like to send Nan, a great wodge of pictures, but the problem is, she’s not on the internet (Ah, sweet) and, even if she was, uploading 4GB of photos anywhere is no fun for you. Maybe, Nan doesn’t even own a computer. She doesn’t trust them. One day, they’ll take over the world.

    Hmmm, but, Nan, does own a DVD player…


    Maybe, you’ve got a camera card and it’s nearly full, but you don’t want to delete the pictures off of it, until your absolutely, positively, completely sure that it’s safe. But, it’s got lots of images on it and you don’t want to print them all.

    If only there was a cheaper option…


    Maybe, you’ve got lots of images, tens of GB of them, you know all about burning CD’s/DVD’s and you know it takes quite a long time, is difficult to automate and frankly, you have better things to do with your life than watch a progress bar, go up and down for three or four hours… only to find out during verification that the copy failed and all you have to show for the last half an hour of your life is a shiny, CD-shaped coaster.

  • Plan B:

    We’ll copy your data to CD or DVD for you.