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Trying… really… hard… not to say get real.

Trying… really… hard… not to say get real.

  • Photos that you’ll love.

    That’s what we’re about. OK, maybe it’s not the grandest of ideals or the most complex of ideas, but its honest and, let’s face it, probably what you’d want from a shop that sells photo stuff.

    We’ve been printing photos that people have loved for years and the power of single photo to touch someone, to bring joy to them, has never lost its appeal. If we can help capture someone’s precious memory or make someone’s world just a bit prettier, that’ll do.

    We're proud to say that we use the highest quality equipment, paper and inks available and everything we print is checked by eye, by us and packed by hand, by us, before it leaves the shop. We print all of our images, regardless of whether they are from a digital file or from traditional film, using exactly the same process.

    The technical stuff is here. But, essentially, we do everything we can to ensure that you get the best images possible. We’re weirdly keen on that.

    Trying to explain what makes a photo a real photo, is a bit like trying to explain what an elephant is. Everyone knows one when they see one; and you wouldn’t be fooled by a hippo with a rubber trunk… but trying to describe what is intrinsically “real” about a photo is no easier than describing what is intrinsically elephanty about an elephant. If you try, you quickly resort to using comparative technical terms which few people care enough about to understand. So, let’s not bother.

    "Big 5 - Elephant" by TheLizardQueen.

    "Big 5 - Elephant" by TheLizardQueen. © Some rights reserved. Used under Creative Commons BY licence.

    Elephants never forget that Berkhamsted Imaging is probably the best little photo shop in the world.

    Let’s just say all the images we print really are real photos… and if they were elephants, they’d be really, really elephanty and all the other elephants would be jealous of our monstrous trunk, imposing tusks and large, impressively flappy ears.