Things We Can Do To Help -  Mounting 


We’re not at home to Mrs Rude, you know.

We’re not at home to Mrs Rude, you know.

  • Nice girls have good manners and Nice frames have good mounts.

    Mounts, for the uninitiated, are those bits of precision-cut card that locate an image within a frame. They serve two important functions:

    1. Aesthetically, a mount defines the spatial relationship between the shape of the (internal) image and the (external) frame and
    2. Practically, a mount prevents the image from coming into direct contact with the frame’s glass/perspex, which prevents damage to the image and prolongs its life.

    But, there’s no getting away from it, mounts aren’t very exciting. They’re just bits of card.

    In fact, possibly, the most exciting thing about photo mounts and offering a free mounting service is the endless scope for double-entendre that this provides… but being nice girls (and guys) we’ll try to make Miss Fritton proud and rise above such ill-mannered unpleasantness.

    So, if you really, really, need a good mount or its been ages since you last had a proper, stiff mounting[1], we can help.