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Bespoke Framing

One of a kind, for the people's delight

One of a kind, for the people's delight

  • Bespoke. Just the word alone exudes quality… it’s re-assuring… a hallmark of excellence.

    However, sometimes a getting one-off, made to measure frame isn’t an indulgence, it’s a necessity.

    Photo prints may well come in standardised sizes, but not everything you might want to put in a frame does.

    There aren’t, for example, ready-made frames which will do justice to your signed, Watford FC 1978 League Cup Semi Finals shirt or your collection of Motley Crue “Dr Feelgood” Tour ticket stubs. There aren’t even, ready-made frames which will fit a lot of commercially available poster-sized prints. We can think of at least one large Swedish retailer that likea-s to make their prints “weird” sizes, presumably, to encourage/coerce you into buying their matchingly “weird” sized frames…

    Or, maybe you need/want, a frame with a custom moulding or a custom finish.

    If you do, you need a bespoke frame.

    Our bespoke frames are manufactured in Berkhamsted by local craftsmen.

    This is one of the few things that we out-source, but it doesn’t really feel like that, because we’ve been working with Graham and his team for such a long time, now, that they feel like part of the... furniture[1][2].