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Service Times

Service Times

  • Orders placed in store

    In store, we offer 3 service levels:

    30 min

    service fee


    1 hour

    service fee


    24 hour

    service fee


    These times represent the minimum amount of time we will have to fulfil your order. So, the 30 minute service, means that your prints will be ready after 30 mins (rather than in 30 minutes or less). If you think about this, this is the only logical way our service times could work… because there isn’t (and could not be) a 0 minute service.

  • Orders placed on-line

    E.mail or on-line orders are treated as “next day” orders i.e. normally, they will be despatched or available for collection on the next working day after 2pm. However, due the to the vagueries of the internet, service times for e.mail or on-line orders are not guaranteed.

    Some of the time, it will be possible for us to deal with e.mail or on-line orders, much quicker than this; but you’ll need to contact the shop to see whether this possible for your order.

    Tanto brevius omne, quanto felicius tempus. [1]

  • All Print orders

    For all orders,

    1. our print day starts at 9:30 am and ends at 5:00 pm.
    2. time starts to run when we have received your entire order.

    In store, this means the time shown on your docket or your receipt for kiosk orders. On-line this means the time of the “Order Confirmation” e.mail we send you.

  • How this works

    It’s probably obvious what that means… but to save you having to think about it, here’s a couple of quick tables with examples.

    The stating the obvious results:

    Order Received onService LevelAvailable for Collection
    Monday @ 10:00 am30 minsMonday @ 10:30 am
    Monday @ 10:00 am1 hourMonday @ 11:00 am
    Monday @ 10:00 am24 hoursTuesday @ 10:00 pm
    Monday @ 10:00 amOn-lineTuesday @ 2:00 pm

    The less obvious results:

    Order ReceivedService LevelAvailable for Collection
    Orders placed in store after 5pm on a Workday on the 30 min service
    Monday @ 5:15 pm30 minsTuesday @ 09:45 am
    Orders placed in store after 4pm on a Workday on the 1 hr service
    Monday @ 4:15 pm1 hourTuesday @ 09:45 am
    Orders placed in store after 1pm on a Workday on the 24 hr service
    Monday @ 1:15 pm24 hoursTuesday @ 01:15 pm
    Orders placed on-line after 5pm on a Workday
    Monday @ 9:00 pmOn-lineTuesday @ 2:00 pm
    Orders placed in store after 5pm on a Saturday
    Saturday @ 5:15 pm30 minsMonday @ 9:45 am
    Orders placed on-line after 5pm on a Saturday
    Saturday @ 5.15 pmOn-lineMonday @ 2:00 pm