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Affluent in the language of design

Affluent in the language of design

  • Design literacy

    Thing is, the clever use of language, is like dead or whatever, innit.

    So, while everyone else was busy on myspace (how quaint) or some other social not-working site, we were showing just how poor our grasp on the zeitgeist was, by actually noticing something.

    What we noticed is, that whilst txt spk has changed the way a generation use the written word, that same generation uses the language of design with a degree of fluency that their grandparents could never match. Today, everyone knows what a font is and many know about golden ratios and the rule of thirds.

  • Design by accident

    Design, or rather, good design is a pretty subjective thing. Bad design, by contrast, is obvious to even a casual observer.

    Oh my lord, my eyes...

    Most of the time, design that looks something like this happens by accident. The person making it has no clear idea what they are trying to convey or how to achieve it. So, they throw every trick, style, shape, colour and font that they can find on their computer at the problem.

  • Design with purpose

    Good design is, ultimately, all about communication.

    White space, shape, proportion, colour, expectation, clarity and impact, whilst important facets in their own right, are really only tools used to convey an idea.

    Less is almost always more

    Thing is, the clever use of design is like hard or whatever, innit.

    So, if you've had an idea, need some printing and want to make a good impression, but you're worried that your design isn't quite what you had hoped it would be... have a chat with us. We'll come up with some suggestions, prepare re-draft for you to proof, and if you like it and you get your prints done by us, we won't charge you for our time.