Merry Xmas

A whole parsnip, surely not?

We're shut for the Holidays

We're done. Closed for Christmas.

It's been, as they say, emotional... but now it's time to roll out the double-comfy, executive socks and the Baileys, and to graze like an underfed herbivore. 

Given the (yawn) uncertainty over what we'll be able to do and when, we're gonna wait til after the 30th Dec to set our opening hours for the New Year... but it looks like we'll probably be back on Click n Collect only hours. Who knows, in a year or so, this might seem like an awesome long holiday.

Will Smith wearing a Santa Hat shrugs.

"Here's a little story 'bout how his life got flipped, turned upside down..."

Make some memories.

Xmas 2020 will be different. Make the most of it. If you can, have some fun and take some goofy pictures.

Because, in the future, when kids ask you what Christmas was like during the pandemic, the best present you'll be able to give them is photos of what actually happened...

And, with a bit of foresight now, what "actually happened" can be anything you want...

[Suburia - Interior - Xmas 2028]

BILLY, wide-eyed and bewildered, stares at a photo of a parsnip draped elegantly in tinsel. 

"This is Mummy and Daddy huddled round a candle, dividing up our Government supplied, non-denominational celebration Parsnip... We were lucky. We had a whole one all to ourselves. Some people weren't so lucky. They never got one of Boris' 'nips to nibble on. Some people had to make do with a single sprout... for a family of 4."

Then, provided you remember to (cue shameless plug) get them printed using our Click and Collect photo order thingy1 at you'll only have to wait 8 years for the punchline.




1. But at the mo, you can take whatever it says about when we'll be open with a pinch of garlic salt - if you think I'm changing that at 18:13 on Xmas Eve, you're very much mistaken - sincerely, the entire IT Dept.