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Christmas is cancelled

19th Dec 2020: 16.19 - Santa is coming Cancelled

Alan Rickman's finest moment?

Well, there we go. Ebeneezer Johnson has ruined everybody's Christmas and shut everything down in the South East at the drop of a hat... and you, me and everyone else is supposed to just...

Actually, I don't know what we're supposed to do.

Just 2 days ago, he was telling everyone something very different. And, while obviously pandemics don't care about dates or Christmas, people do. Some people's livelihood's depend on it.  Some people's mental health depend upon it.

It may well be, that the right thing to do is to shut everything down again. We should trust the science.

But, it's achingly difficult to trust the politicians charged with interpreting and delivering the practical and legal measures required to make the right thing happen, when they are so shrouded in their own self-interest.

This is not about party politics. It doesn't matter what shade of colour, you vote for. It's about leadership, accountability and competence... because either:

  1. They knew they were going to have to do this 2 days ago, and they just lied. or
  2. They are making it up as they go along.

Politicians no longer seem to have the courage to deliver bad news to the public, even when that is what is necessary. It is worth remembering that they initially told us the first lockdown would be for 3 weeks. That was, self evidently, ludicrous even back in March. With hindsight, it looks like a cynically patrician ploy.

Just do your best

This isn't going to be easy for anyone. There'll be tears. There'll be a whole host of difficult things, some big and some small, and there isn't a whole lot we can do to un-cancel Christmas...

Except, maybe there is.

Maybe, we can just, you know, do our best. Maybe, we can all agree to jettison the guilt, the desire for more, the sense that somehow Christmas 2020 is a cluster-fork and its all our fault. Maybe we shouldn't care (and I say this as someone who was planning to go get the Xmas shopping on Monday) too much about getting the turkey, the presents, the paraphernalia. Maybe we should care more about getting through this safely and being kind to ourselves while we do so.

The people you care about's love isn't going anywhere... and neither will yours.

We'll still be doing Click and Collect, like before

Nothing we do amounts to a hill of beans in this old world, but we'll be doing click n collect between now and Xmas Eve. We'll be open for collections only 9.30am to 3.00pm (and, if needs be) a bit later on Xmas Eve.

If you'd like to order photos, then check out our new app at funky.photos. All orders placed before 11.00 on Xmas Eve will (if possible) be available for collection before we close on Xmas Eve.

If you'd like to order frames or anything else, e.mail us or call us on 01442 873069 (voicemail if busy)

Ho, ho, sortof ho.