For the time being

Reopen 2 : I wanna break free

Yep, we're back, and this time it feels like it's for real, real.

Spring has sprung, the mowers are out and the vaccine roll-out is reaching a critical mass. (Actually, maybe critical is a poor choice of words, but you know what I mean).

"White Blossom" by Scott Webb.

"White Blossom" by Scott Webb. © Some rights reserved. Used under Unsplash licence.

Aye, Blossom.

So sure, all the boring Covid19 stuff still applies. We still need a screen-y screen thing, a one way system and enough hand sanitizer and annoying signs to annoy even the pickiest of clipboard enthusiasts from the Health and Safety. You still need a mask.

And yeah, we're not done yet. We've all still got a way to go; which means we'll be operating short-staffed with a few less services and limited opening hours, for the time being.

But we're definitely on our collective way to finding out what the new "normal" will be. This will take time. More for some, than others... and that's OK. It's OK to start processing what we've been through. It's OK to start to take stock of what we've lost, what we've learned and what we want the future to be like. It's OK to start being optimistic again.

So, I choose to be optimistic. I choose to believe that we can find a way to make the new normal, better than the old normal. Better for ourselves, better for our neighbours and better for the planet. And, it's not even that difficult. Focus on health rather than wealth, reduce consumption and income inequality and travel less for work. Simple as.

So many of the assumptions and processes of our lives in the pre-C19 era, the before times, have been shown to be mistaken, detrimental or just plain-old, stoopid; that failing to grasp this moment for change... would be a cock-up of generational proportions.

We now know, categorically and inarguably, that governments can change things, worldwide, dramatically and overnight - if they really, truly want to.

So, next time, you're being told by a politician, that poor kids can't have free school dinners because its too expensive, that green energy solutions aren't yet cost-effective and that essential workers can't have a pay rise because <reasons> - look them dead in the eye, call them a liar and vote AGAINST them. Things cannot get better, unless they change.

And so maybe, as I climb down the rickety ladder attached to that particularly tall soapbox, wheezing and grunting from the effort of stopping it wobbling about too much as I go, it's time to stop wondering if society can change... and start demanding that it does.

For the better. One step at time. For the time; being.

(Oh, and if you are going to go to the shops, your friendly neighbourhood retailers would really, really appreciate it if you'd choose to shop at your friendly neighbourhood retailers. We are all going to need your support. You absolute legends.)

Come on in, look around