• Scanning your photos

    Scanning your photos

  • Pet Portraits

    Photos with pedigree

    Weirdly frustrating fun

    Taking photos of your pets is a weird combination of frustration and fun.

    They make great subjects, because they behave naturally around cameras, but you have to work hard to capture the moment. They’re not going to stand still while you adjust your focal length or repeat a behaviour just because you wanted to take a picture, but weren’t quite ready.

    Watching a dog try to chew a large piece of toffee is a pastime fit for gods.

    Terry Pratchett

    When it comes to pet portraits, there are some golden rules which you needn’t necessarily follow slavishly, but are nice to know...

    Get down to your pet’s level

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re taking a...

  • Choosing the right frame

    Good frames are bit like good tailoring. If no-one notices it, you’ve probably got it about right.

    A “statement” frame can distract from the picture. The best way to choose the right frame for your picture is to answer the question, “Do I have a picture I want to frame or a do I have a frame I want to put a picture in?”

    If you’re starting with the picture, choose a subtle frame which suits the style, colour and ambience of the picture. Contemporary images and portraits usually benefit from simple frames.

    If you are framing a print, you will want a mount around it as a border. Use one that is no more than half the width of the picture. Any wider will swamp it and distract.

  • How to arrange pictures

    How can I create a wall arrangement using several pieces of artwork?

    Start with the large central artwork as a main focus and then hang other pictures around it, possibly in pairs. Symmetry is essential.

    Try to balance the room as you cast your eye round it. For sets of prints, use the same frames if they are to hang together.

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